Project Description
Simple tool to copy databases from one SQL Server to another.

Copies a sql server database from one server to another by backing it up, copying the backup file to the destination server and restoring the database.

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You need
  • at least one sql server :-)
  • rights to access the backup directories and data directories of the sql server(s) over the network

  • Start the tool :-)
  • go to the servers tab and configure your servers (servers are stored in config.xml)


  • go to the copy database tab
  • copy your database(s)

...or use it as commandline tool. Just start it with the four parameters: from_server to_server from_database to_database (the servers must exist in the config file)

dbcopytool.exe MyDb MyDbCopy

  • report bugs and ideas :-)

Further description (german) and some description of the code can be found here:

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