Running database

Nov 14, 2010 at 7:29 PM

Imagine that you have a database running on a server. The database is not designed for syncronization. Now you need to move the entire database across the country (maybe hundreds otr thousands of MB) to another server without interupting the users of the database. I.e. no shutdown, no backup/restore.
Making such an application would really rock.
You install the application on the recieving server and set it up to the task. Then you change the IP-address of your client applications and this not-yet-invented application firstly does a simple relay but gradually it copies structure and data and gradually more and more incoming changes are performed on both servers. Eventually the two servers are identical and the application disconnects from the old server and reports "end of job".

Is it doable? I belive so. Does it already exist? Haven't seen but please let me know if so. If not is anybody up for the challenge?